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To sign in:

  1. Click on Sign in link at top right corner of your page.
  2. Enter your email address, and password.
  3. Click Sign in.

Personalize your dashboard

You can create your preferred views of the information by creating your own dashboard. i.e. personalizing. This is done by the use of gadgets.

A gadget is a small graphical tool with a particular function. For example, a particular view of a selected set of information. What you can do with gadgets is described later.

In the dashboard view, there is an icon of magic stick in the top right corner. Move your cursor on top of it.

When mouse cursor is top of the magic stick it will convert to personalize button. Then you can click it.

When you click the personalize option, you are in the personalize mode.

When entering the personalize mode, a new edit bar will appear at the top of the page.

In the personalize mode, you can carry out various activities including adding gadgets, removing gadgets, changing gadgets' positions etc.

Add new block to dashboard

In the personalize mode, click on Add Block button.

Then the "Define gadget size in grid" window will appear. The window width indicates the screen width. Thus 1 block (1 × 1) indicates 1/6 th of the screen width. Based on this you can decide the size of the block you prefer.

  1. Change the new block's size by dragging the resize handle of the block.
  2. Then click "Add Empty Block" button to add the block to dashboard.
  3. Click anywhere outside the window to cancel the operation and close window.

Add a new Gadget

In the personalize mode, click on Add Gadget button in the block.

Then Add Gadget from Store window will appear. Select any gadget you prefer and press add gadget button.

Gadgets can be viewed relevant to the 3 main themes people, places or position.

The gadgets relevant to a particular category, click the relevant tag in the left pane.

After adding gadgets make sure the gadgets are saved by pressing the save option on the top right hand menu.

Please note that this only saves the location and the size of the gadgets. Once you customize the gadget the preferences selected need to be saved for each gadget.

Customize a Gadget

You can customize a newly added gadget or any previously saved gadget.

In the personalize mode, when you mouse over any gadget block, an edit pane will appear at the top right corner of the gadget block.

You can remove, maximize and save preferences for a gadget.

Remove a Gadget

On the edit pane click on the close button will remove that gadget from the view.

Maximize a Gadget

In the personalize mode, mouse over any gadget block. It will display edit pane at the top right corner of the gadget block.

Click on expand button at edit pane.

Save preferences of a Gadget

In the personalize mode, mouse over any gadget block. It will display edit pane at the top right corner of the gadget block.

Preference window will appear and you can edit settings for each gadget.

Click on cog button at edit pane.

Press save button or cancel to cancel operation